16: An Exhibition of Scottish Artists in Residence

Last Thursday the Lighthouse in Glasgow entertained a host of Jewellers and friends who came together to celebrate the work created in the last year of 16 Artists in Residence at Scottish Schools. I was ecstaticĀ to see so many of my close friends exhibiting new and exciting work!

The show was organised and coordinated by Sally Morrison, who put her heart into making the show the best it could be. I was happy to see new work from her, featuring large aluminium cast shapes combined with cut leather.

Check out the show until 1 June 2014 at the Lighthouse in Glasgow! These are the jewellers of now and they’re doing some cool stuff!



One more week till the end. So I’ve started thinking about beginnings. How does one start life? Are there really any beginnings or are we just part of one really long story with no beginning or end.

In any case I will be finished with learning institutions for the first time in one week. To keep up with what I decide to fill my time with stay with me here, grab a cup of tea, and let us go on this adventure together.